Rector: Reverend Dr. Shane Scott-Hamblen
Organist & Director of Music: Dr. John Drew
Sacristan: Chris Colon

Service Groups


The Episcopal Church of St Mary-in-the-Highlands
1 Chestnut Street
Corner of Routes 9D and 301 Cold Spring, New York 10516
(845) 265-2539


A beautiful historic stone church nestled in the Hudson Valley at the center of Cold Spring, New York. Within walking distance of Metro North and spectacular views of the Hudson River, Storm King Mountain, and West Point.

Altar Guild
Chris Colon
Pauline Constantino
Joseph Cook
Nancy Hastede
Debbie Keppel
Marynorma Mastrolia
Loretto Padilla
Mary Jane Smith
Debbie Waage

Josef LaBelle
Michaela Khadabux
Arianna Lombardo
Simon Scott-Hamblen
Sebastian Scott-Hamblen
Senan Scott-Hamblen

Liturgical Readers
Pauline Constantino
Ruth Eisenhower
Celia Karac
Tim Lusk
Stella Pinggera
Patricia Runcie-Rice
Christine Weeks

Ushers / Greeters
Roger Blanchard
Pauline Constantino
Frederick Galbraith
Roger Keppel
Tim Lusk
Marynorma Mastrolia
Loretto Padilla
Debbie Waage


Sunday School
Rosaline Lombardo
Debbie Waage

Pauline Constantino

Pastoral Care
Ruth Eisenhower

Licensed Eucharistic Ministers
Joseph Barbaro
Joseph Cook (pending)
Ruth Eisenhower
Roger Kepel
Patricia Runcie-Rice (pending)
Monique Sakala (pending)

Licensed Lay Worship Leader,
Eucharistic Visitor
Ruth Eisenhower