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The Episcopal Church of St Mary-in-the-Highlands
1 Chestnut Street
Corner of Routes 9D and 301 Cold Spring, New York 10516
(845) 265-2539


A beautiful historic stone church nestled in the Hudson Valley at the center of Cold Spring, New York. Within walking distance of Metro North and spectacular views of the Hudson River, Storm King Mountain, and West Point.

St. Mary’s in-the-Highlands Sunday School Celebrates the Class of 2011

St. Mary’s Sunday School celebrated their 2011 school year with a gala picnic in Beacon’s Memorial Park on Saturday, July 9, 2011. There were games, good food, and a great sense of community accomplishment as the group shared a beautifully sunny day together at the park.

St. Mary’s Rector, Fr. Shane Scott-Hamblen, said, “It’s a joy to see so many of our children attending our Sunday School. The numbers are growing each year, and the quality of instruction in Christianity continues to deepen. It’s a wonderful thing for our children and for the future of our growing Parish.”

The School is managed under the experienced eyes of a team of dedicated teachers. They run a weekly program of instruction and fellowship for the children of St. Mary’s. “The youngsters learn a simple concept based on the week’s Bible reading and then a have a creative activity reflecting the lesson, such as a song, craft, or game”, said Rosaline Lombardo, the Director of St. Mary’s Sunday School, “It’s a privilege to be part of their growth and a joy to work with them.”

St. Mary’s Sunday School runs every Sunday Morning and is open to all who wish to attend. Age ranges are 4-12, and the new semester starts the Sunday after Labor Day. You can reach St. Mary’s Sunday School at 265-2539.

Father Shane says, “All are welcome!”.


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